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It is a wickedly sturdy e-book. it truly is concise (yeah!) and it really is good written. it misses out on plenty of stuff (spin representations, etc..). yet when you learn this ebook you may have the formalism down pat, after which every thing else turns into easy.

if you install the hours to learn this ebook conceal to hide -- like sitting down for three days instantly eight hours an afternoon, then will study the stuff. in case you do not persevere and get beaten with the stuff that isn't transparent before everything, then you definately will most likely chuck it out the window.

lie teams and lie algebras in two hundred pages performed in a sublime manner that does not appear like lecture notes cobbled jointly is lovely striking.

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However, it can be shown that for compact Lie groups, the exponential map is surjective. 9. Let G1 , G2 be Lie groups (real or complex). If G1 is connected, then any Lie group morphism ϕ : G1 → G2 is uniquely determined by the linear map ϕ∗ : T1 G1 → T1 G2 . Proof. 7, ϕ(exp x) = exp(ϕ∗ (x)). Since the image of the exponential map contains a neighborhood of identity in G1 , this implies that ϕ∗ determines ϕ in a neighborhood of identity in G1 . 10, any neighborhood of the identity generates G1 .

2) exp(x) = 1 + x + . . This means exp(0) = 1 and d exp(0) = id . (3) If xy = yx then exp(x + y) = exp(x) exp(y). If XY = YX then log(XY ) = log(X ) + log(Y ) in some neighborhood of the identity. In particular, for any x ∈ gl(n, K), exp(x) exp(−x) = 1, so exp x ∈ GL(n, K). (4) For fixed x ∈ gl(n, K), consider the map K → GL(n, K) : t → exp(tx). Then exp((t + s)x) = exp(tx) exp(sx). In other words, this map is a morphism of Lie groups. (5) The exponential map agrees with change of basis and transposition: exp(AxA−1 ) = A exp(x)A−1 , exp(xt ) = (exp(x))t .

3. 3), exp(sx) exp(ty) exp(−sx) = exp(ty + ts[x, y] + · · · ). y = [x, y]. 7. 16. 2). Then it satisfies the following identity, called Jacobi identity: [x, [y, z]] = [[x, y], z] + [y, [x, z]]. 6) ad[x, y] = ad x ad y − ad y ad x. Proof. 12, ad : g → gl(g) must preserve commutator. 6). 3). 17. 5). A morphism of Lie algebras is a K-linear map f : g1 → g2 which preserves the commutator. This definition makes sense for any field; however, in this book we will only consider real (K = R) and complex (K = C) Lie algebras.

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