By E.M. Parker, R.J. Haywood

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Flash: destello, llamarada, centella, rebaba, fogonazo, relampaguear, destellar. flattering: adulando, adulador. gently: suavemente. incumbent: titular. paint: pintar, pintura. parched: se agostado, secado, resecado, abrasado, seco, tostado. piercing: penetrante, agujereando. preserved: en conserva. proffer: propuesta, ofrecer, proponer, oferta. provisions: provisiones, comestibles. pursuit: persecución, acosamiento. shout: gritar, grito. specter: espectro. sudden: repentino, brusco, súbito. swift: rápido, veloz, ligero, vencejo común.

Majors: mayor. proud: orgulloso. qualified: calificado, limitado, con salvedades, condicional, capacitado, apto. rank: rango, fila, turno, línea, clasificar. regiment: regimiento. riches: riqueza, riquezas. scarlet: escarlata. soldier: soldado, el soldado. spy: espiar, espía, acechar. stands: tenderetes, jaulas. tongue: lengua, la lengua, lengüeta. " "I should like to look at the creature'; if it is a true Iroquois I can tell him by his knavish look, and by his paint," said the scout; stepping past the charger of Heyward, and entering the path behind the mare of the singing master, whose foal had taken advantage of the halt to exact the maternal contribution.

Master: maestro, amo, dueño, patrón, principal, magister. numberless: innumerable. rose: rosa, la rosa. shapeless: informe. singing: cantando, canto. space: espacio, el espacio, espaciar. trees: árboles. trunks: traje de baño, bañador, mampara encerradora de la escotilla, pantaloneta, pantalón de baño. " Bryant Leaving the unsuspecting Heyward and his confiding companions to penetrate still deeper into a forest that contained such treacherous inmates, we must use an author's privilege, and shift the scene a few miles to the westward of the place where we have last seen them.

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