By Fawaz A. Gerges

This e-book offers a accomplished account of the origins of yank coverage on political Islam, chronicling the coverage debates on Islamism within the usa over the process time. the writer then delves deeper into the U.S. political scene to investigate the old, political, cultural, and safety concerns that will support clarify America's preoccupation with Islam and Muslims. The ebook additionally addresses the conflict of civilizations debate and assesses the relative significance of tradition and values within the phrases and deeds folks officers on political Islam.

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102-3. 50. Accommodationists hope that the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict would help heal some of the wounds and repair bridges of coexistence within the Judeo-Christian-Islamic heritage. 51. Fuller and Lesser, A Sense ofSeige, pp. 40, 42. 52. Ibid, pp. 38, 42. AMERICA AND POLITICAL ISLAM Muslim states can be explained by reference to internal factors, mainly religion, culture, and history. In contrast, accommodationists assert that political considerations, including the West's recurrent meddling in the Muslims' internal affairs, account for the persistence of authoritarianism in Muslim societies.

S. S. attitudes toward political Islam. S. officials to pursue an accommodationist policy toward Islamists. Chapters 4 and 5 analyze the public speeches and pronouncements of Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administration officials on political Islam. S. policy. Both Carter and Reagan failed to think out fully the problems of Islamic politics. Although the Islamic revolution in Iran made Carter and Reagan aware of the force and power of populist Islam, their response remained anecdotal and fragmentary.

Same Difference," p. 64. 19. "Political Islam Is a Threat to the West," in Islam: Opposing Viewpoints, p. 190. 20. Cited by Pipes, "Same Difference," p. 64. 21. " p. 61. 22 They contend that Islamic fundamentalists form a surging international network: "Iran is the center of the world's new Comintern. "23 A domino-theory effect is thus postulated; "a success or two," assert some confrontationalists, "could transform Islamic fundamentalism into a revolutionary snowball that might reach across borders toward a greater 'umma,' or unity through Jihad," according to Jonathan Paris.

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