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REA’s Algebra and Trigonometry challenge Solver

Each Problem Solver is an insightful and crucial learn and answer consultant chock-full of transparent, concise problem-solving gem stones. solutions to your whole questions are available in a single handy resource from the most relied on names in reference resolution publications. extra worthy, simpler, and extra informative, those examine aids are the simplest evaluate books and textbook partners on hand. they're ideal for undergraduate and graduate studies.

This hugely invaluable reference is the best evaluation of algebra and trigonometry at the moment to be had, with 1000s of algebra and trigonometry difficulties that disguise every little thing from algebraic legislation and absolute values to quadratic equations and analytic geometry. every one challenge is obviously solved with step by step exact options.

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Use the slope-intercept form to create the equation of a line perpendicular to the given line. Example Write an equation of the line that has a y–intercept of 2 and is perpendicular to y = 3x + 5 Step 1 Identify the slope of the known line. y = 3x + 5; slope = m = 3 Step 2 Write the reciprocal of the slope. This m = 3, the reciprocal is _13. is the slope of the new line. Step 3 Give the new slope a sign opposite to the slope of the first line. Step 4 Use the slope-intercept form to create the equation of a line perpendicular to the given line.

Identify the operation and number on the same side of the inequality symbol as the variable. 2. Perform the opposite operation of that number on each side of the inequality symbol. 3. If you multiply or divide each side of the inequality by a negative number, switch the inequality symbol. Example Solve. 10x  240 Step 1 Identify the operation and number on You are multiplying the variable times 10. the same side of the inequality symbol as the variable. Step 2 Perform the opposite operation of that The opposite of multiplication is division; so number on each side of the inequality symbol.

The point (3, 3) is true, so shade the area on this side. Practice Graph the following equations. 1. y  4x − 6 Create an input/output table. x y  4x − 6 List several values for x. 2 y  4(2) − 6 0 y  4(0) − 6 Substitute each value of x into the inequality. Solve the inequality for y. Plot each solution on a coordinate plane. Draw a line so it goes through each point. Select a point on either side of the line. Shade the side of the line where the test point is true. 2. y  5x − 2 y  4( )−6 y  4( )−6 y (x, y) Select two points: (3, 3) and (−2, 1).

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