By Monique Bernards

Quickly after their winning revolution in 750 advert, the Abbāsids supplanted the Umayyad dynasty, equipped the recent urban of Baghdad, Iraq which turned the capital of the Islamic Empire. The civilization that the Abbāsids helped to create carried forth the torch of information lit through historic Greece, Rome, Byzantium, and Persia. including a lot of their very own precise contributions, the Abbāsid dynasty left an indelible mark at the historical past of humankind.
This present collection of ʿAbbāsid stories provides a colorful mosaic of recent examine into classical Arabic texts that sheds gentle on major ancient, political, cultural and non secular elements of the ʿAbbāsid period and offers perception into how the basics of philology are formed. great vistas of historic desires open up whereas ʿAbbāsid armies clatter and collide; pictures are conjured of murderous caliphs, international having a look littérateurs and conversing gadgets. We see a full of life self...

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15 Gagnier is best known for his polemical writings on the Prophet Muḥammad. His first publication on the topic was the De vita et rebus gestis Mohammedis, a bilingual Arabic-Latin edition cum commentary drawn from the history of Abū l-Fiḍāʾ (1723). 18 Despite this initial effort of working directly with the manuscript, it was not until more than a century later that sections from the Masālik appeared in published form. 20 However, bit-by-bit, more information on the Masālik and its author began to emerge.

This edition was, in part, designed to correct the misreadings and problems of comprehension that plagued the rough French translation (1836–40) undertaken by Pierre-Amédée Jaubert (d. 43 While he considered including the Masālik in his edited series of Arabic geographical works, he recognised that without further manuscript evidence, he would not be able to produce a truly critical edition which could improve upon what de Meynard had been able to accomplish. This situation changed notably, however, in 1885, when the Swedish Orientalist and aristocrat, Count Carlo de Landberg (d.

41 Also of note among these early imperial publications is the Postes impériales: état général des postes et relais de l’empire français (1807), which in its bureaucratic division of postal routes passing through the Parisian cosmopolis, with tables, charts, and almanacs, bears striking resemblance to the administrative and imperial interests of Ibn Khurradādhbih’s geography. The gift of a new life granted to the Masālik, and with it, Arabic medieval geography writ large, issued through European printing houses and financed by the intellectual and material capital of imperial expansion, also signified a debt.

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