By Maureen Ash

New within the ?terrific?( NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING writer JAYNE ANN KRENTZ) Templar Knight secret series.

while a cake kills a squire, the citadel governor enlists the aid of Templar Bascot de Marins. yet as homicide spreads past the fort partitions, he wonders whether it is actually the paintings of a deadly grasp of toxins.

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Unique book: 1994

A girl banished

Griffith, battle-seasoned warrior and the king'smost depended on emissary, anticipated to discover a shallow, useless, frivolous girl at Wenthaven fortress. in spite of everything, as lady-in-waiting to the queen, gorgeous woman Marian have been able of privilege, but she were banished from the courtroom. And the rumors have been that she had given delivery to an illegitimate child.

An outrageous offer

When he arrived, Griffith stumbled on girl Marian to be powerful, clever and fiercely protecting of the younger child in her custody. .. . and extremely suspicious of him. If he have been clever, the knight could simply bring the message with which he have been entrusted. as an alternative, he longs to linger to delve into the secret that's Marian, to find what she so desperately fears-and why he so improperly desires her.

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They might even have had the (perhaps quite deliberate) effect of instantiating a kind of interpellation in which men began to recognize themselves and their desires in these denunciations and to define themselves in relation to such categories. Though control, in a general sense, seems to have been behind this move into discourse, more specific reasons could account for the different manifestations of the sodomy topos during the period. 10 In sum, there is every reason to believe that it was a complex of cultural changes that helped move sodomy to the center of a disciplinary discourse, joining a number of other categories liable to be seen as undermining the Law, rather than the sudden appearance of “contaminated” morals imported from elsewhere and propagated by an elite.

Are such texts a sign of the relative tolerance for homoeroticism on the part of the Church hierarchy, as John Boswell argued in 1980, or are they the signs of a renewed emphasis on friendship, in the classical and Neoplatonic senses of the word, within monastic communities and Christian communities in general, as Brian McGuire maintains? Unfortunately, the answer that readers arrive at will probably depend largely on their own experiences and willingness to entertain the idea of condoned transgression within religious communities.

Why were these boys rubbed, by whom, how frequently, and with whose knowledge? Peter’s concerns hint at a larger complex of cultural anxieties about the use of adolescents for sexual satisfaction and the silence that surrounds such activities. t he o lo g i c a l a n d e cc l e s i a s t ica l respon ses Any attempt to survey how accusations of sodomy were used in the Middle Ages must begin with those reformers within the Church who were advocating more active control of behavior. What had once been regulated indirectly, in the form of moral teachings and penance after the fact, would, in the twelfth century, become subject to active enforcement.

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