By Charles E. Bennett

Charles E. Bennett's vintage Latin reference grammar first seemed within the overdue 1800's. Even this day it's nonetheless a favored selection for prime institution and undergraduate scholars. This reprint is a fascimile of the 1908 revised variation.

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Also, an eye, subject to rotation and gross alteration, surveys the horizon. All kinds of stuff are visible, similar and contrasting. [6 STROKES RANK 36] – 26 – ér UNIT 6, § 84 84 面 面 UP AND DOWN face, aspect express add’l but contrasting info  a few alterations Regard this aracter as a tripty of mirrors, perhaps on a lady’s dressing table. e topmost stroke is a light bar connected to the top of the mirrors. e lady of the house faces the mirrors and can inspect any of three aspects of her reflection.

2 STROKES RANK 530] – 39 – qī CHINESE CHARACTERS: REMEMBER 2178 CHARACTER MEANINGS 138 UNIT 9, §§138–142 电 电 electricity day, sun  minesha  Look closely at this portion of an electric grid. e current enters or exits via the minesha-shaped wire, and disperses through the other wires in a regular paern that looks like the sun. For readers with some baground in physics, a moving current gives rise to an electromagnetic field, nicely symbolized by the ‘sun’ component. e sun itself has a massive electromagnetic field associated with it.

E bristles from the ‘contrasting’ component on the le lightly brush across this spot. It’s hard to bear this tilish sensation.

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