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Five adjectives – beau, fou, mou, nouveau, vieux – have a special form used before a masculine singular word beginning with a vowel or mute h: bel, fol, mol, nouvel, vieil. Make the adjectives in the following agree as necessary. The masculine singular form is given in brackets. La situation financière est (désespéré). 5 The financial situation is desperate. 6 – 7 Ce groupe est assez (homogène); l’autre est plus (mélangé). This group is fairly homogeneous; the other is more of a mixture. 8 C’est un (fou) espoir.

13 L’obsession (de/de la) qualité est une véritable manie chez les Japonais. Being obsessed with quality is an absolute mania with the Japanese. 14 – 15 Avec les progrès (de/de la) mécanisation et (de/de l’) automatisation, les Français ont besoin de moins de calories. With advances in mechanization and automation, the French need fewer calories. A second problem is the plural indefinite article, des. It often has no equivalent in English. For example: Des centaines de jeunes sont morts. ] Ce sont des amateurs.

In the following sentences fill in the gap with the appropriate adverb or adjective. 12 Cette montre marche_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ qu’avant. This watch is working better than before. 13 Tu serais _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ à l’hôpital. You’d be better off in hospital. 14 Il va _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . He is getting worse. 15 La qualité en est _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ que jamais. The quality is better than ever. 16 Cet immeuble est _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ conçu que le nôtre. This building is better designed than ours. DAY 6: COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES IV 39 Quantity and comparison with de and que First revise the following comparative and superlative forms: Expression of quantity Comparative Superlative beaucoup plus, davantage (normally at the end of a clause or sentence) le plus peu moins le moins Note also the expression autant de (as much, as many as), and remember that the form *si beaucoup does not exist!

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