By Martin Hinds, El-Said Badawi

The easiest dictionary of its sort. Idioms, instance sentences in distinctive transcription, illustrations within the again. This dictionary is meant to fulfill a longstanding want at the a part of audio system of English for a dictionary with which to understand Egyptian Arabic. The language defined here's basically spoken language and, as such, it can be contrasted with formal written language.
Арабско-английский словарь. Слова, идиомы, дублирование произношения латиницей. Иллюстрации касаются арабской специфики - музыкальные инструменты, одежда, орнаменты и т.д.

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Also razbarateer. -! risbireeh In! hair-spray). --i rasbistus In! asbestos. -also razbistus. l ..... ~~! ,..! V"- risbakitti In! spaghetti. - also risbagitti. ~~! risbakittiini In! spaghettini. -also ris linterjl behold! 01 y V" ~ J~! risbaati Icoll n! spade(s) (in cards). J fi-sabla risbaati he fell into a deep sleep. risbagittini. e')l,..! risbi/aayit 1 Icoll n! epaulette(s). 2 In pI -aatl epaulette . -4JYV"~~! risbanya or rasbanya Iprop nl Spain.

Iva mitfassis. I J, IJ" - ~I J"'! fisra fiillprop n! Israel. ;1J"'! fisrafiili lladj ·1 Israeli. 2/n ·1 an Israeli. JJIJ"~ IJ"'! fisrafiillprop n! [lsi) Israfil, the angel who will sound the trumpet on the Day of Judgement. , foreman of a small workshop, carpenter, qualified machine operative, driver, laundry-man, belly-dancer, leader of a troupe of female dancers and musicians. 1 IJ" IJ" - ~i fuss In! 1 [math) power, exponent of a power. J I J, IJ"- fitneen fuss ' talaata two to the power of three, two cubed.

1 ritraffillvil to become destitute. ritraffilt'min ku1l 8 l:Jaaga I've got nothing left to my name. -ava mitraffil. JIJ";'. :.! riflaal linterjl {Chr} let us pray! (said by the priest to the congregation). - also rifliil. ;. :.! rifliil linterjl {Chr} let us pray! (said by the priest to the congregation). - also riflaal. ;.. ;. ;. _ ~! riJi particle used I in listing a series. Eandu 25 mimma gamiil-u riJi gibna w- riJi zatuun wi- riJi sardiin ma-tliddi-j he has something of everything -cheese, olives, sardines, and what have you.

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