By Ernest T. Abdel-Massih

It is a dictionary in 4 components: (1) alphabetical directory of Tamazight-English; (2) alphabetical directory of English-Tamazight; (3) alphabetically prepared cultural different types; (4) linguistic lexicon containing listings in keeping with note foundation and grammatical different types. Over 10,000 entries.

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Flutter: voltiger, scintillement, flottement, flirter, conter fleurette, battement, voleter, flutter, chevrotement, pleurage, flottement aéroélastique. foreign: étranger, extérieur. friend: ami, amie, copain, copine, camarade. ghost: fantôme, apparition, image fantôme, revenant, hématie dépigmentée, spectre. inferior: inférieur. natural: naturel. naturally: naturellement, bien sûr, de façon naturelle, de manière naturelle. neither: ni, personne, non plus, nul. nor: ni. patiently: de manière patiente, patiemment, de façon patiente.

Speechless: muet, sans voix. squeezed: serré. staggered: disposé en quinconce. twisted: tordu. unaccountable: inexplicable. varnish: vernis, vernir. 34 The Moonstone remarked, a great satisfaction to our inferior fellow-creatures to find that their betters are, on occasions, no brighter than they are. Neither Mr. Franklin, with his wonderful foreign training, nor I, with my age, experience, and natural mother-wit, had the ghost of an idea of what Rosanna Spearman’s unaccountable behaviour really meant.

Question the third: Did the Colonel know the conspiracy followed the Diamond; and has he purposely left a legacy of trouble and danger to his sister, through the innocent medium of his sister’s child? That is what I am driving at, Betteredge. ” French abominable: abominable, hideux, abject, odieux, horrible. belie: démentir. bishops: évêques. clergy: clergé. clergyman: prêtre, curé, ecclésiastique, abbé, pasteur. communicated: communiqué, communiqua, communiquâmes, communiquai, communiquèrent, communiquas, communiquâtes.

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