By Guttman I.

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Divide the circle into any number of equal portions, say 12. Each portion will then cover 30°. Construct the axes of the graph, drawing the horizontal axis OX (the x-axis) on a line through the centre of the circle. This x-axis should now be marked off in steps of 30° up to 360°. If desired, perpendicular lines can be drawn through these points. Such lines are called ordinates. The points on the graph are obtained by projecting from the various positions of P to the coordinate corresponding to the angle θ at that position.

If the graphs lie on opposite sides of the axis, the smaller is subtracted from the larger (measurements upwards from the x-axis are positive, measurements downwards are negative). The resultant curve is shown by the dotted line in Figure 42 and its maximum value is approximately 150 V. s. 76 lagging. Assuming that both current and voltage are sinusoidal, plot graphs to represent them over one cycle. Plot also on the same axes a graph showing the variation in power supplied over one cycle. The procedure for plotting the current and voltage sine waves is the same as that adopted in the previous example.

It is connected to a 100 V 50 Hz supply. Calculate (a) the impedance of the coil, (b) the current which flows, (c) the power factor, (d) the power absorbed by the coil. 27. Define the term ‘power factor’ and state how it affects cable size. 015 H is connected to an alternating-current supply at 230 V, single-phase, 50 Hz. Calculate (a) the current from the supply, (b) the power in the circuit, (c) the power factor. 28. A single-phase alternating-current supply at 230 V 50 Hz is applied to a series circuit consisting of an inductive coil of negligible resistance and a non-inductive resistance coil of 15 .

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